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Jaw breaker




This year I embark on an incredible journey to have my jaw repositioned. It is a decision my husband and discussed and agreed not to put off any longer.

When I was sixteen I was told my lower jaw needed to be broken to fix the misalignment that I was born with. Instead I wore braces to straighten my teeth. To be honest, I don’t know what mother could decide to have her child go through hat kind of surgery.—it sounded just as extreme then as it does now.

Now over thirty years later,  I am addressing the problem and fixing it hopefully for good. As I’ve gotten older I have had more problems with my jaw and beginning to feel “TMJ-like” symptoms.

First step—Braces to reaalign my teeth and set then in place for the surgery. Just returned from my 8 week visit since I had them put on in December 2012 and things are progressing along nicely. My orthodontist said that my next visit won’t be for 10 weeks and then we will put on my finishing wire. I could have my surgery in six months.